We're stoked you want to make your own 'Google Earth Voyager tour', for the new Google Earth!

We would be delighted to be of assistance with . . .

Implementing our basic flyto quiz template
  • implementation of our basic template
  • optimisation of images
  • custom map icons. Like our own delicious red apple!
  • optimisation for small and larger screens
  • extending quiz features (true or false questions, skip questions, clues)
  • advise on distributing your quiz effectively (via email and the web).
  • upgrading as soon as Google supports more KML-features

Or join us in fast-forward mode  .  .  .
Let us help you to create your own state of the art 'Google Earth Voyager tour' (or quiz). We'd love to discuss your plans! This is what our 'web only' demo (kmz download) looks like in Voyager style.

schermafbeelding van Google Earth for Chrome

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